Very Large Spherical Nearfield Gantry - One-off

The customer provided BCT with vertical height (50 feet), horizontal extension (36 feet) and payload (antenna and its positioner - 150 lbs.) requirements. BCT then designed, analyzed, tooled and maufactured the gantry

Because of the length of the cantilever and the payload mass, BCT created a counter balanced Tee-shape gantry. This way the deflection through its rotation is kept planar and can be corrected by a single lookup table when positioning.

Click on the button to the right, if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. Google Earth of Gantry

Compact Range Reflector - Limited Production

The customer provided the required focal length, quiet zone diameter and the plan view of the serration profiles. BCT designed the reflector, developed the laminates in the structure, performed FEA analysis, machined and manufactured the required limited production tooling and manufactured the reflector.

Additionally, BCT designed a unique transport/shipping dolly that converts itself into a lifting fixture for the reflector installation.

The finished reflector body's surface had a RMS of .0005"

.75M 3-Piece Fly-away Reflector - Production

The customer provided BCT with the required parameters of the parabolic shape, the basic main body width, hardware interfaces and the operating parameters that the finished reflectors had to meet. Using these provided parameters, BCT designed the reflector, its laminate structure, tooling and fixturing and then manufactured the reflectors. This project is a production example and utilizes BCT's computer controlled, heated mold technology.

BCT has produced around 400 of these reflectors.

For a run of 100 reflectors:

  • The average RMS was .00253”
  • The standard deviation was .00026”
  • The max RMS was .0034”
  • The min RMS was .0020”
  • Only 4 were at or above .0030”

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