RF Reflectors and Structures

BCT has designed, engineered and manufactured numerous RF reflectors and structures.

These are very high precision structures.

  • Compact Range Reflectors
  • Spherical Nearfield Scanner Gantries
  • Beams and Extensions for Planar Scanners
  • Fly-away reflectors
  • Large Segmented Reflectors
  • Prototype Reflectors
Compact Range Reflectors
RF Structures

High Energy Applications

BCT has manufactured composite parts used in particle accelerators (Brookhaven National Lab and Jefferson Labs).

It has also designed and manufactured a reflector for a directed high energy beam application.

Military and Government

Contracting and sub-contracting to military and government entities, as well as defense contractors, comprises the majority of BCT's business.

However due to the sensitive or classified nature of most of these programs, details and photos related to them cannot be used for marketing purposes at this time.

BCT holds DDTC, SAM and ITAR certifications, registrations or compliances.

BCT has directly or indirectly manufactured composite components or structures for the following government entities:

  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Airforce
  • NASA - JPL
  • NASA - Goddard
  • US Department of Energy


BCT manufactures fixturing for various applications, which includes magnet alignment fixtures for MRI's, vacuum assembly or machining fixtures and rugged work floors for helicopter assembly (classified as tooling) to name a few.

Other Applications

Over the past 25 years, BCT has produced parts for a sundry of applications.

  • Laser Eye Surgery Table (600+)
  • X-ray Tables
  • Race Car Parts of all Sorts
  • Pedal Steel Guitar Bodies and Parts (150+)
  • Pilot Seat Components
  • Robotic System Components
  • Sculpture
  • etc.......

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